Limited Access.

I have been making steps to be intentional with my time and the next step is to limit how accessible I am. We live in a time where people are constantly expecting you to always answer a message, phone call, or email immediately. This leaves us with our phone constantly stuck to our hands.

We recently purchased a new computer that works much faster so I am going to remove Facebook messenger, turn off my email so that if I really need that discount code I can get it but I don’t need to check my email while I am out or even 15 times a day, I’ve recently ended all of the “streaks” I had on snapchat that always kept me coming back, I have turned off all notifications and set my husbands ringtone to a separate sound so I know it’s him.

If I’m doing dishes I don’t want to stop to check my phone or I will lose all motivation to finish the dishes so I am removing the temptations.

Once I get into a new habit of simply checking my computer once a day I will then begin to pursue another area of my life but for now I look forward to seeing how eliminating the daily access will affect my day to day life.


Taking Care of You.

I’ve been flying under the radar as my household was beat down with sickness repeatedly, but I think we’ve finally escaped that.

How do you know when to do whats right for you? This is something I’ve spent a few months really struggling with. I thought I needed to do what was financially right for our family and power through taking children into my home. I wasn’t enjoying it but I always felt so guilty about the idea of giving it up.

I thought as a stay at home mom I needed to make sacrifices, but those sacrifices were beginning to take a huge toll on my happiness. I had this idea that my husband doesn’t always love his job but he gets up and goes to work day after day to provide for his family so I convinced myself that he wouldn’t be on board with me stopping.

Here’s something great, my husband is amazing and he was so on board. He could see the stress in me everyday, he could see the effects on my children everyday, he could see the interruption in our family routine everyday and he knew it wasn’t working and knew it wasn’t worth the financial benefits.

Why is it that everyone else can see what we need before we can? Why is it that we find so many reasons to avoid knowing whats right for ourselves?

It took so much courage for me to come to a point to say to my husband that I wasn’t capable of doing it anymore and I felt a weight lifted but I also felt so guilty, like I was failing him. Yet he didn’t feel that at all. As moms we make so much more work and guilt for ourselves then there needs to be and it stops us from doing the things we need to for ourselves.

To be fair I don’t know when I felt I needed to do what was right for me, because my list was equally filled with why it wasn’t working for my family, because it always seems easy to put them first!

As I work through these last two weeks with children I am so aware of the reasons I am stopping and I am so thankful for a supportive husband who can see what we need even when I can’t.

I’m also very aware that this isn’t an option for every family. We have adjusted our lifestyle to allow me to be home, but not everyone can do that. If it was a matter of me needing to work though we would have found an alternative that did work for our family because when momma ain’t happy no one is happy.

Family Weekend Fun

Let’s be honest for a minute, we were given tickets for our local children’s winter festival and I was dreading it.

Hanging out in the cold with a 1 year old who refuses to walk on snow sounded exhausting.

Here’s the truth. We had an absolute blast at Jack Frost Winter Festival this year! We spent 3 days spread across the event and the only whining was when we headed home every day!

Friday night we were convinced to head in to the Snow Kingdom, it was +3 outside and made the first night super enjoyable. The lines weren’t overly long and the ice slides were fast. I loaded the 1 year old in the ergo and was able to safely navigate the grounds without falling with him. The big kids were free to run without losing sight of them from each spot. When the snow started to hit we decided to wrap up for the sake of the baby and head home.

Saturday didnt quite go as planned but we also headed in with an open plan. With our VIP tickets we had early access and arrived shortly after 9am. We explored everything they had to offer inside from bouncy castles, petting zoo, balloon animals & snacks and then settled into our seats for the Live Alvin & the Chipmunks show. The kids loved it! And then it was time for bouncy castles! There was a large variety for different ages and skill levels but the bigger kids were determined to try them all! We traded off waiting in lines, feeding the animals at the petting zoo, and watching the kids bounce their way through obstacle courses!

We were almost ready to wrap up for the day to let the baby head home for a nap when he threw up in the stroller. Not quite the abrupt end to the day we planned but we cleaned him up, gathered everyone and called it a day!

Sunday morning we decided to take advantage of our early access again and arrived around 9am. There were pretty much no lines and we were free to explore everything the Snow Kingdom had that we missed on Friday night. There was face painting, bonfires, ice sculptures and of course more slides to take advantage of! We spent another 3 hours checking out everything offered and sliding some more. Again the baby was a trooper and enjoyed his time outside in the ergo.

We wrapped up the weekend and headed home for some relaxing. Everyone had such a great weekend with just enough fun mixed with just enough down time! I loved watching the kids giggle with joy as they flew down the slides and climbed snow mountains. I wasn’t left frozen as the weather was pretty great (other than a cold Saturday which we spent inside!)

Sometimes being a parent means stepping outside of your comfort zone to do things your kids will enjoy. Sometimes you end up enjoying it too!

Thankful Thursday


I’m sure by now you’ve all heard of Thankful Thursday and I decided it’s time to jump on board.

I could give you a generic list of things I’m thankful for but I’m going to try to post every Thursday about one thing/person I’m thankful for with a list of reasons why!

Let’s start off with a fact: NINE years ago on this day I said Yes to marrying my best friend.

I can’t ever explain it beyond that I knew without a doubt I was going to spend my life with him. He was the man I was going to marry and even at 18 I knew that.

Nine years later, 1 wedding, 2 provinces, 6 apartments, 14 months with my parents, 1 house, 5 pregnancies, 3 kids, and too many cars to count later, he’s still my forever.

I’m thankful for his steady love for me.

For his ability to say it’s been a long day why don’t you get out tonight or to bring home flowers & Starbucks.

I’m thankful for his love for our kids, even on the hard days. He still shows up after work and plays, reads, bathes or helps however he can.

I’m thankful everyday he walks out the door to work. He works so hard for our family and we are so lucky to have him head out the door to provide for us.

I’m thankful for his ability to dream. It might be the craziest dreams but he’s always dreaming of what’s next and how he can do bigger and better.

I’m thankful for his need for a clean house because it pushes me to be more productive.

I’m so thankful that he started doing the laundry when he was recovering from surgery. That one task has lifted such a burden.

I’m thankful that he always wants to focus on us being better as a couple year after year.

I’m so thankful God gave me someone who can be my best friend as my husband.



Even on the hard days.

today was a busy day. we had planned it though and we were ready to take it on. what we weren’t ready for was the behaviour that decided to tag along.

but you know what, i lost my cool. i didn’t show them how to behave any better than they were because my expectations were too high. sometimes i forget just how little my kids are and i expect them to behave in a way they haven’t learned yet.

tomorrow is a new day. it might be too late for the apologies to fully make sense but it’s not too late to say “hey guys yesterday mommy didn’t treat you the way i should have and i didn’t discipline you properly. and for that I’m sorry.” they might not understand why but you know what they’ll remember me saying sorry.

especially on the hard days it’s important to look back and see where you could have improved and if and apology would help the next day go smoother.


I haven’t been good at keeping this active but I’m going to put it in my planner and create a schedule for a post at least once a week.

2018 is a year for being intentional. That started with not using my phone as often, but I’ve also found I haven’t taken as many pictures. I’m working to find a balance between being present & capturing memories. (If you have any tips toss them at me!)

I’m really working hard to be intentional with the things in our home. I have been eliminating things that we don’t need, don’t fit or no longer serve a purpose. I don’t want to spend forever cleaning up every day. I want to not be apologizing for the mess of my house when someone stops in.

With 5 people in under 1100 square feet we have to be creative with the use of our space. So we’re starting with getting rid of the stuff and keeping the things that have a purpose and give us joy.

I love seeing the ways I can be more intentional in my life and can’t wait to see where that journey brings me in 2018!


God gave me you…

Today was one of those days where you ended it feeling good. 

I wasn’t a super mom but I was a good mom. 

The kids got along (for the most part), the house was fairly tidy at the end of the day, I didn’t fight with my husband. It was a good day. 

I read this quote this weekend & it hit home. 

The strong willed kid will push my buttons but that doesn’t mean we won’t see the end result. So when the days are hard, remember that they were given to YOU. 

Keep pushing on momma!